Curriculum Guides 1982-1994
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Subject Title Goal of Curriculum Guide Grade Level Setting Date Author
Art A Course in Jewish Folkart To study pieces of folkart as a vehicle for teaching Jewish concepts in our civilization and literature 9-12 High School 1982 Roth, Shana & Silver, Cheri Ellowitz
Bible Prophets and Prophecy To study the classical prophets in their historical context and define their significance today. 8 Religious School 1988 Malofsky, Lyn
Bible Mishley, My World, and Myself: A Curriculum for the Study of Proverbs for Young Teenagers To present Mishley as an accessible book that offers timeless insights into contemporary issues. 8 Religious School 1991 Nosan-Blank (Cohen), Sheryl
Bible Rashi on Genesis: His Interpretations and Their Role in the 20th Century To be familiar with key stories from Genesis, to understand the concepts of peshat and drash, and to connect to prior generations of Jews. 6-7 Religious School 1994 Romalis, Jenny
Bible Listening to the Voices of the Women in the Bible To explore the experiences of women in the bible as a reflection of their time. 9-12 High School 1986 Silverstone, Lesley
Bible The World of Torah To develop a personal connection with Torah 6-8 Religious School, Camp, Youth Group 1984 Steinbock, Steven
Bible Cherish the Torah: An Introduction to the Sefer Torah To explore the Torah’s symbolism, preparation, protection, celebration, and legacy in eight lessons 1 Religious School 1992 Tamara Lawson (Schuster)
Comparative Judaism Three Paths to One God: Reform , Conservative, and Orthodox Ideology for High School To explore the ideologies of the three dominant movements in Judaism today by studying mitzvot. 9-12 High School 1986 Fein, Elliot
Comparative Judaism Unity Within Diversity: Jewish Religious Pluralism in America To explore the three dominant movements in America. To foster a sense of pluralism. 8-9 High School 1984 Walsh, Jane West
Family Education Jewish Lights: Signs and Symbols: A Curriculum for First Graders and their Families To recognize light as a Jewish sign and symbol. To be familiar with and develop skills using ritual items involving light. Adult Adult Parents with Children in First Grade 1986 Goldberg (Cole), Melanie
Family Education Re-Empowering the Jewish Family To enable parents to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create a Jewish home life. Adult Adult Parents with Young Children 1992 Niederman, Deborah
History Being Jewish in America: The Tensions and Struggles of the Eastern European Immigrants To study the third wave of immigration to the United States (1880-1920) specifically, the factors which led Jews to leave Eastern Europe and the life they found in America. 6-8 Religious School 1990 Backer (Burt), Dina
History A Look at Our Past: The Tannaitic Period To study the concepts of retention and adaptation after the destruction of the second Temple/rabbinic Judaism and relate these ideas to our times. 8 Religious School 1986 Barzilai (Lieberman), Lisa
History One People: A Junior High Curriculum on Immigration and Integration To study the Jewish immigrant experience. 6-8 Camp 1983 Kosmal, Nili
History Jewish History Under the Romans: An Era of Interaction and Adjustment To expose students to the history of the era and the Jewish interaction with outside culture. 5-7 Religious School 1984 Mooso, Carolyn
History Critical Events and Commonplaces: A Ten Lesson Course in Jewish History To study three historical events through the lens of God, torah, land of Israel, and people Israel. 9-12 High School 1987 Stern, David
History The Creation of a Community: A Case Study, Los Angeles To examine the history of Los Angeles as an example of how Jewish community forms. 8-9 Religious School/High School 1994 Winer, Laura Novak
Holiday Ritual: How Ritual Re-enacts Covenant. To examine rituals as an expression of covenant 4-7 Religious School 1988 Dotan, Lisabeth Seldin
Holiday The Sanctification of Jewish Time To explore how Jews mark time, what makes time holy, and the nature of the specific holidays. 5-8 Religious School 1988 Lipschultz (Barrington), Joanne
Holidays The Harvest Festivals: A Prism for Understanding Our Relationship to the Land of Israel To examine the Jewish perspectives on the land of Israel throughout history by studying the three harvest festivals. 9-12 High School 1988 Lipman, Steve
Holocaust Through Their Eyes, Through Our Eyes, and Someday Through Our Children’s Eyes To understand and identify with the Jewish experience of the Holocaust. To study the historical background and the various personal and communal responses. 8-10 Religious School/High School 1990 Michelson, Holly
Holocaust The Study of Values Through Holocaust Literature To study the values within the range of human responses during the Holocaust. 9-12 High School 1984 Schneider (Epstein), Kyla
Identity Understanding the Concept of Am Yisrael To develop a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual understanding of Jewish peoplehood through a study of text. 9-12 High School 1988 Kasten, Nancy
Identity Film and the Jewish Self To examine the ways a film can affect the individual and the group’s self-image High School to Adult High School and Adult 1984 Serotta, Isaac
Israel Can the State of Israel Co-Exist with the Land of Israel? To address the interplay between the Land of Israel (a religious, value-laden, ethical concept) and the State of Israel (the modern, sovereign state with specific political realities) 11-12 and Adult High School and Adult 1991 Abramson, Joel
Israel In Relationship with Israel To study the Jewish people’s relationship with the land of Israel. 9-12 High School 1986 Fein, Eve Melman
Israel I’m Not Jewish, I’m Israeli To study secular Israeli Jewish identity and the role of Judaism in Israel. 9-12 High School for Secular Israelis 1990 Goldman, Joel
Israel One Can Make a Difference: A Curriculum for Teaching Israel To see Israel as an integral part of Jewish life by exploring the relationship between Jews and Israel. 6-8 Religious School 1984 Schwartz (Robinson), Wendy
Israel If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem: The Centrality of Jerusalem in Jewish Life To develop a personal and Jewish communal understanding and connection to Jerusalem. 9-12 High School Pre-Trip 1984 Tishkoff, Larry
Israel When Visions Collide: A Perspective on Religious Tensions in Israel To explore the roots of the rift between the Orthodox and secular in Israel. To struggle with what Israel should look like and the role of liberal Judaism in Israel. 9-12 High School Pre-Trip 1987 Wolfe, Gregory
Israel The Jewishness of the Zionist Pioneers To examine the lives of the early Zionist pioneers and view them as examples of Jewish commitment to Israel. 9-12 High School for Secular Israelis 1992 Yoffe, Meir
Israel/ Identity Who Are We? Who Are They? The Israeli Jewish Experience To encourage a connection to Israel through an analysis and comparison of North American and Israeli modes of Jewish identification. 10 High School Pre-Trip 1991 Wise, Ira
Law/Values Halakha and Jewish Values To explore the problem of balancing Jewish law and the Reform concept of individual choice. 9-12 High School 1986 Elkins, Marilyn
Life Cycle A Jewish Approach to Death and Dying To study issues relating to death in a Jewish context focused on three areas: psychology, morality, and religious issues. Adult Adult 1990 Davids (Averbuch), Mindy
Life Cycle Exploring the Jewish Life Cycle Through the Prism of Covenant To examine the role of covenant in life cycle rituals and daily life. 5 Religious School 1988 Vanek, Julie
Literature Stories of the Past that Lead to Our Future To study Jewish folk tales as a medium to for Jewish identification. 5-6 Religious School 1992 Gavish, Hamutal
Midrash/Bible/Art Art, Midrash, and the Bible To study the struggles of biblical characters and how these struggles were interpreted by artists and writers. 9-12 High School 1986 Ettinger, Eileen
Mitzvot/Values Tzedek To explore the importance of tzedek (righteousness) in Jewish tradition. 9-12 High School 1992 Cohen, Cheryl Seidman
Mitzvot/Values Test Your Words Before You Utter Them: Developing a Code of Personal Jewish Ethics To examine Jewish text and stories involving ethics. To develop a sense of personal ethics. 6-8 Religious School 1988 Cohen, Jordan
Mitzvot/Reform Judaism Reform Judaism and Mitzvot To explore and experiment with mitzvoth. 9-12 High School 1984 Fox-Greene, Marcia
Mitzvot/Values Human Sexuality: A Jewish Response To explore Jewish texts on sex, birth control, abortion, homosexuality, gender, and love in order to play a role in decision making. 9-12 High School 1984 Sagarin (Baumblatt), Lori
Mitzvot/Values Mah La’ashot: Making Decisions Jewishly To study Jewish values and use them when making decisions. 7-8 Religious School 1983 Spitzer, Julie
Mitzvot/ Values The Sanctity of Life in Modern Dilemmas To examine the Jewish notion of the sanctity of life. Topics covered include: life cycle events and medical ethics. 9-12 High School 1991 Farkas, Terri Ostach
Passover/World Religions The Passover Seder and the Eucharist To explore core events of Judaism and Christianity as a path to interfaith understanding. 9-12 High School Interfaith Dialogue 1986 Oppenheim, Chani
Prayer The Story of Jewish Liturgy: Jewish Values Through Prayer To explore the siddur focused on values found in the structure, content, and context of Jewish liturgy. 7 Religious School 1986 Cohn, Debra
Prayer B’rakhot To examine b’rakhot as the human verbal acknowledgement of noticing our world. To view occurrences as encounters with God. 7-10 Religious School/ High School 1986 Crane (Roshal), Margit
Prayer Another Prayer Curriculum To be able to read prayers, be familiar with prayer vocabulary, and understand the order of the service. 5-7 Religious School 1984 Greenspan, Ellen
Prayer Prayer To create spiritual prayer. To link spiritual experiences to prayer. 9-12 High School/ Camp 1988 Roucher, Roslyn
Prayer Aspects of Prayer To study the different aspects of prayer, such as communication with God, oneself, and others. 8 Religious School 1990 Sidlofsky, Paul
Prayer Da’at Halev: A Prayer Curriculum To ground the student in both the “bima skills” and the understanding of siddur Hebrew. To develop skills such as translation, shoresh recognition and comprehension. 5-6 Religious School 1991 Weiss, Karen Winkler
Rabbinic Texts Midrash and Meaning To engage students with torah and midrash allowing them to form a relationship to Jewish text. 9-12 High School 1987 Kraus, Jonathan
Reform Judaism Searching for Reform Jewish Identity Through a Study of the Platforms of American Reform Judaism To grapple with dominant issues of Reform Judaism by analyzing three Reform platforms. 9-12 High School/ Camp 1991 Kipnes, Paul
Special Education M’soret and Me: A Curriculum for Special Needs Children on Jewish Symbols and Rituals Used in Camp To understand and embrace Jewish symbols and rituals used at camp. (Can be adapted for all students and other settings) 1-5 Camp 1982 Dickman, Marci
Spirituality Spirituality: The Jewish Way To explore spirituality in and out of the classroom. Designed with eight in class sessions followed by a five day wilderness backpacking trip. 6-7 Religious School and Wilderness Experience 1990 Biers-Ariel, Matt
Spirituality The Holy Relationship: A 10th Grade Confirmation Class Curriculum To explore the concept of kedusha as a holy relationship and encourage students to have kedusha in all their relationships. 10 High School 1982 Klein, Debra & Sobel, Karen
Spirituality The Mystic Perspective To introduce Jewish mystic tradition, specifically its perspective on community and the importance of spirituality and study of Jewish texts. 11 and up High School-Adult 1984 Lutz, Barry
Synagogue/Art Jewish Symbols in Synagogue Art-Enhancing Their Meaning To examine Jewish symbols such as the Star of David and the Lion of Judah as they relate to the concepts of God, Torah, and Israel. 6-7 Religious School 1992 Hjulberg, Carol
Theology Who am I to God? To explore different perceptions of God in Jewish tradition. 9-12 High School 1992 Aaron, Jonathan
Theology The Development of the Concept of Messiah: A text-Based Study To trace the evolution of the traditional concept of Messiah from biblical through modern texts. 9 High School 1991 Abramson, Lori Levy
Theology Covenant: A Model for Responsibility and Relationships. To explore the Biblical and modern concept of covenant as a Jewish responsibility 7 Religious School 1986 Bloomstone, Deena
Theology Quest for God To stimulate students to develop their own responses to the classical God questions with which philosophers grappled. 9-12 High School 1988 Gerstle, Brad
Theology Jewish Approaches to Evil To examine the concept of evil utilizing stories from Jewish tradition. Three units include: the nature of evil, theodicy, and human responses to evil. 8 Religious School 1991 Goldstein, Lisa
Theology/Spirituality Redemption: A Curriculum for High School Students To explore Jewish yearnings for redemption and formulate their own visions of a redeemed world. 9-12 High School 1984 Reich, Cynthia
Values/Bible Values We Learn from Abraham To explore the Jewish values demonstrated by Abraham in Genesis. 9-10 High School 1985 Greenbaum, Bruce
Women Toward a New Understanding of God, Torah, and Israel: The Feminist Challenge to Judaism To explore questions of Jewish feminism now that equal access has been established for liberal Jews. Adult Adult 1992 Stineman, Scott
World Jewry Sephardic Jewry: A Curriculum for 7th Grade To learn Sephardic history, customs, and traditions. 7 Religious School 1984 Katz (Mishkin), Madelyn